Our Programs 

We give to the children in our care opportunities to develop cognitive, fine &
large motor skills, language and self-help tools in a loving environment. Our
carefully structured program is for toddlers to kindergarteners aged 19 months to 5 years old. Our daily activities are age-appropriate to ensure that each child is developing sensory, motor, and creative skills. The songs, crafts, and stories and all our learning opportunities are designed for each age group and further tailored to the children's interests and strengths.


Our curriculum integrates Math, Science, Art, Outdoors activities, Music, Language
(Spanish introduction) cooking and dancing. We have carefully selected a topic for each month of the year and we plan each day, so our children keep busy playing, interacting and learning.


Toddlers (19 months to 2.5 years) enjoy learning experiences through their senses, this promotes their blossoming independence social skills and foster self-confidence. We are allowing them to develop at their own pace, copying successful life-skills and an immerse in the joy of learning.

 Infant & Toddler 

Preschoolers (2.5 to 4 years) At this stage, rather than having one answer, it is important to have an environment with more than one answer is needed to nourish their curiosity and creativity. We develop their emotional intelligence by teaching them to express freely their feelings and be emphatic with their peers.

For Kindergarten (4 to 6 years) we collaborate with Eric Harvie School; students attend Kindergarten at their facility, we pick them up after classes, reinforced and enriched what they have learned through play.

 Preschool &