Ruben Perez and Karina Ruiz

Owners and educators at Fantastic Kidz Dayhome

I have a strong background of 10 years of certified childcare experience, which includes raising my two children and providing quality childcare to other families throughout my life. I currently hold several child care certifications from Alberta Health Services and early learning diplomas including child care provider, level 1 child development assistant, and CPR/first aid and Safety. We also carry a vulnerable sector police check for all staff and healthy food handling certifications.


Our holistic teaching strategy focuses on EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE COMBINED WITH IKIGAI's Japanese secrets for a long, happy & healthy life. This is proven that successful individuals master the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships aptly and sympathetically; with a clearly knowing of a "reason for being" on early stages. Therefore, our children learn to control and express their feelings, being empathic with their peers and with the world, but also, to be aware of their own talents and passions. FKD is a program designedfor infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners aged between 1 to 6 years old; these daily activities are age-appropriate to ensure that each child is developing sensory, motor, and creative skills. We give your children opportunities to develop cognitive, fine and large motor skills, and language and self-help skills in a family-like environment; this ensures that everybody is engaged in learning and having fun throughout the day!


Our location is 67 Tuscany Springs Blvd NW both in the same safe and reliable neighbourhood on your way out to work and low traffic.


Please visit our Facebook page to check our curricular activities. We book tours so that you can see for

yourself that we are the best childcare provider in Tuscany!


My best regards,


Karina Ruiz

Fantastic Kidz Dayhome


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 About Us 

Fantastic Kidz Dayhome (FKD) is an instructed daycare in a loving and caring family environment; we are a Latin immigrant family that works as a team to teach what matters in life, LOVE, FAMILY, and UNION. Our little story started back in 2011 with Mrs. Karina volunteering in a Salvation Army daycare; then on 2013 she worked for a premium well-known daycare company, during this time, we learned and now implement strategies of  best practice. On June of 2016, We decided to teach our unique approach in our own loving home.